Late Night Tales 031 – Note

{I found  a note on the street today, it was just a 1/3 wrapped piece of paper with the following words}

“We are all part of the same lonely and frustrated life.

Independently of your achievements, obviously if you’re not self-absorbed living a weird ego trip that only you can explain ( or even not you can), deep inside when you wake up in the middle of the night as the insomnia is hitting there’s a big chance you will feel alone and scared.

Oh insomnia the little devil who comes over to end up our dreams, literally.

Sometimes caused by them, other times by the conscious mind who still can’t be turned off.

I’m in my bedroom now staring at the ceiling where I can see the garden shadows and I feel lonely, not due a lack of options, friends or lovers but maybe… and I’m saying maybe seeing myself sitting here wearing only my old Rolling Stones t-shirt, struggling with a 30 degrees temperature, dry air, TV noise, some pain on my joints, dirty hair, street noises, backstreet lights and possibly trying to blame the moon phase as, we all know, I can’t sleep when the full moon is out.


Not making sense, at all

What’s sense anyway? What are the senses of making sense?

If you find the answers, please send this letter back to me as I would love to know”



Late night tales 030 – early mornings/ late nights 

I don’t get when people say that they hate mornings… It’s around 6am now and I wish I could hold to this moment for the rest of the day.

Is really hot in London now and at this time of the day, The Sun is out but it still a bit cool. 

The light hits the curtain projecting a purple tint all over the room and the cat lays down on the only spot where the sunlight can hit.
Is quiet, you hear the birds, the seagulls, the wind… How can someone not be able to appreciate that?

So why? Why can we not freeze this moment for a day and be there where we feel safe?

I generally have the same feeling for late nights, specially the time around 3am, I clearly remember writing scripts and very personal letters at 3:30am, it’s a different silent but one of the same kind that you don’t want to be broken.

I brought an amethyst with me today for my morning practice, yeah I do transcendental meditation thought would be important to tell you as there’s a very angry energy flying around me after a recent backstabbing, but that’s a subject for another letter.

Because now it’s 7am already and I really want to go back to this exact moment 



Late Night Tales 028 – the photography lab

{ Elisabeth and the ceramic artist}

CA- are you a photographer?

E- no, this is just something I do on the side.

CA – where can I see your stuff?

E- on my website, there you go

CA – I like the clown

E- oh Slava…

CA – His yellow coat… And scarf… And hat

E – the hat belongs to the green clown

CA – who are they?

E – Slava Polunin is the biggest clown in the world, they have this ongoing show called ‘The Snowshow’ you should see it, is very beautiful 

CA – where is clowning most popular?

E – Hm I don’t know… Maybe Russia and France

CA – where is he from?

E- Russia

CA – Is there where you met him?

E – No I met him in Brazil but shot that in London

CA – was he a happy guy?

E- I believe so… Not happy haha, but happy, content.

CA – oh the best! Happy with the sadness

E- Just normal I guess 

CA – Never sure what normal is

E – me neither but might be something between happy and unhappy, crazy and boring, depressed and maniac… And all the other extremes people claim to not be part of.

CA- psychosis is the other variable, but less common.

E- hopefully less common… I have to go.

CA – ok

E- see you around and good luck with your prints

CA – thanks 

E- bye🙂

Late Night Tales 027 – the camera case

{ Elisabeth and Sam }

S – A little bird told me you decided to put your weapons out again?

E – what do you mean?

S- your cameras my dear

E- ha! Yes that’s true🙂 May I ask the bird’s name?

S – You might… But I might not answer 

E- Silly

S – I’m happy you are doing that, even tho if you are only considering at this stage.

E – Me too… It was about time.

S- Yes, 4 years is a long long time

E- I’m a bit nervous about it you know? I might be horribly rusty. Tonight after dinnerI caught myself going through tutorials to remember how to use the mechanical ones.

S – Would you do my picture?

E – What type of question is that? Of course! But please don’t expect too much out of it

S- I won’t 

E- good

S- I only expect you to never stop doing it again.

E – Me too 

S- Good night Elisabeth

E- Good night Sam.

Late Night Tales 24 – Curtains

{Sam and Elisabeth – the phone call}

S – I’m worried

E – don’t be

S – why does it keep happening Elisabeth?

E – I wish I could give you this answer but I can’t

S – can you please explain to me what exactly happened

E – I can try…

E – {silence}

S – {silence}

E – He was very mean to me Sam, I’m still a bit confused about what actually happened.

S- But I thought everything was ok, the way you were conducting things was so light and full of support.

E – I know that’s what makes things even more confusing because in the morning he was one person, and in the afternoon was another one… All I did was support this guy through all his stupid problems

E – this jokes life’s playing they are making me so so tired.

S- Do you want to tell me what he did and said?

E- From a fun and nice person he turned into an angry, violently spoken, cold man. Said we should have never happened, that Paris was a mistake, that I remind him of his sister… he was laughing and making jokes about the situation, shouted at me to ‘suck it up’. All happened down the corner of my workplace.

E- I felt so uncomfortable and exposed… I was crying he was laughing, shifting subject between telling me bad things and how amazing his work was.

S – this is disturbing

E – I know

S – you don’t deserve this

E – I know

S – It makes me very angry

E – don’t be… it doesn’t worth it

S – will you be ok, should I come to your house and help you with the garden? I want to be there for you.

E – that would be nice

S – ok I’ll be there in 1 hour

E – thanks

S- I love you

E – I love you too.